Mourinho: "I'm a good one" - Chelsea vs Dynamo Kiev Pre-match presser (Video)

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho: "I don't have to answer... [I have] four years. Or, in this case, three years and seven months."

Mourinho on the "lose" story: "It's a very sad accusation. It's an accusation of dishonesty. You'd probably take legal action."

"It's a question for the player, not for me."

Mourinho on this season's problems: "It's a combination of factors. I don't want to go into all of them. All football-related."

Mourinho: "In 2004, after winning CL, I said one day the bad results will come, and I will deal with them in with the same dignity as always

Mourinho on Arbeloa quote he is a bullet-proof vest for players: "For my players I do everything and I’m not going to change."

Mourinho: "I think Chelsea will finish first in this group, completely convinced we're going to qualify."

Mourinho: "The reality is that tomorrow is not a must-win [for group situation]. It is a must-not-lose. Normal situation."

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