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Footballnus started out on a wordpress blog theme in 2012 by Olusegun Ake before registering the footballnus domain in 2013, since then, We have strive to post up to date football news, videos, match highlights and also analysis.

We recently got a copyright infringement e-mail from the EPL concerning posting contents belonging to the English premier league without rights.

Footballnus would like to say that all the contents shared are not created by any member of our team as they are all sourced from the internet and posted on our blog.

For example, if a video is taken down on any platform like youtube or dailymotion, they will go down on our blog.

Footballnus will try as much as possible not to infringe any rights but feed our readers and visitors with up to date news and analysis of any interesting football news and events anywhere in the world.

We will always try to make keep you our readers informed and entertained.

Thanks for visiting and keep reading.

Team Footballnus.

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