The chronicles of Arsenal and reverse psychology by @Komptrolla

It's certainly not the first time Arsenal will pull of incredible surprises, they've done it before and will probably do it again sooner than later, but the manner in which they dispatched favorites Bayern Munich left many bewildered. Having lost unbelievably to Dinamo Zagreb away and even more baffling, Olympiakos at the Emirates, it was a near mission impossible against the Bavarians who until last night hadn't drop a single point all season long.

Arsenal's response started shortly after the Greek champions stunned them at the Emirates. Manchester United came to town and were well humiliated, Watford tried to be strong but they still conceded three without being able to beat Cech in the Arsenal goal, and then the latest casualty, the almighty Bayern Munich.

Any serious contender should be able to beat anyone regardless of the names on the opposing team's team sheet so much won't dwell on the result but on the manner in which it was recorded. One phenomenon that was synonymous to Arsenal was the play well and lose syndrome, but now the reverse is the case, right from the away game at Manchester City last season, Arsenal now win games they easily would have dominated and lost in the past.

Arsenal no longer suffer from the big game capitulation, they have beaten Chelsea under Mourinho for the first time in forever, they destroyed Manchester United blissfully, knocked Tottenham out of the league cup and now have a sensational win over Bayern Munich to point at in their UEFA Champions League revival.

Arsenal know how to shatter the books when written off, the form of Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller and Douglas Costa were the talking points but the composure of the Arsenal defense and the speed of Belerin highlighted the frenzy encounter. Mesut Ozil week in week out keeps silencing critics with mouth watering performances and even goals, Alexis Sanchez may not have scored yesterday but he was a menace.

In all, the new approach of Arsenal is certainly turning things in their favor. When they need to roll around, they do with the kind of guild you can only find from Arsenal, when they need to drop deep and defend with flawless discipline, they do like never before. Whatever it was the Wenger told Francis Coquelin when he withdrew him from his loan spell at Charlton should be packaged and sold at the mall. It's upward and forward for Arsenal from here on. They can dream and believe again while hoping their old enemy from the doctor's room doesn't visit.

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