Bayern Munich fans threaten boycott of Arsenal game over ticket prices

Bayern Munich fans have threatened to boycott the beginning of next week’s game against Arsenal due to the exorbitant ticket prices.

The Bavarian fans travel to London on Tuesday night for Bayern’s Champions League game against Arsenal, before hosting them back in Munich for the next matchday.

A fan group called FC Bayern Worldwide have laid out their plan on Facebook, insisting that 64 pounds is simply too expensive for the lowest priced ticket – and it’s hard to disagree with them.

German fan culture has a history of militating against high prices, and they’ve become accustomed to fair pricing in the Bundesliga over the years; indeed, their train ticket to away game is included in their ticket price.

They’ve proposed to boycott the opening five minutes of the game, leaving the away section empty for kick-off.

They hope this will draw attention to their cause and provoke UEFA into action.

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