The Arsenal board, not Wenger is to blame

Arsenal fans all over the world endured a traumatic transfer deadline day yesterday, many with finger blisters following aggressive punches on the refresh button, hoping to see a deal completed by their team as players went flying round Europe.

The David De Gea saga offered some distraction but Arsenal fans still hoped, with faith that a done deal catch phrase would be found in same sentence with their club name.

The summer transfer window slam shut at 6pm yesterday with harsh realities dawning on Arsenal, no outfield addition despite the obvious needs for one or two, Francis Coqueline may have found form after the opening day debacle, but what happens when he inevitably gets injured?

Danny Welbeck have spent more time in the physio's room than on the pitch, and even when he plays he hardly knows where the net is, much evident in his meager goal return last season, four in the premier league and a couple more in cup games, that return can't even guarantee safety for struggling clubs, Olivier Giroud will do occasional brilliance but Arsenal needs more, and then Theo Walcott, a clip of his run in against a ten man Newcastle answers his request for upfront role.

Let's compare with rivals, Manchester United left a lot of puzzling questions with their big money move for a nineteen year old striker, but the acquisitions of a right back, two holding midfielders and Memphis show intent.

Chelsea shored up their defense with several new signings and even got Pedro to run defenses ragged, Liverpool may have spent too much on average players but Rodgers will bring out their character... Then Manchester City need we say more? Outside the EPL, Barcelona won treble with a team that can do it again, but even with transfer ban they still went ahead and signed players who can't play till January...

Arsene Wenger is capable of winning trophies, all trophies, when he needed to win the FA Cup he dug deep and did it in fine fashions, he definitely is aware he can't win the league with his present crop, that's why he says he'll challenge, that he'll challenge doesn't mean he wants to win.

If Wenger gets on board today as the manager of Real Madrid, he'll win the UCL if that's the target, Madrid fired Carlo Ancelotti after going trophyless in the season after he conquered Europe, the policy of Madrid is to win at all times, when asked why Ancelotti was relieved of his duties, Florentino Perez said "Carlo understands our situation, it's not about winning once a while, it's not about winning sometimes, it's about winning always, we give you what you think you need to succeed, if you don't we may have to make a decision, and at the Bernabeu, we're not here to make easy decisions" that's ambition!"

If the board wanted Arsene to win the league or more, he will, Arsenal fans need to understand their club, of a truth, genuine strikers aren't really available, the returns of Kareem Benzema against that of Soldado, Villa and Llorente in six years is nothing to write home about, Cavani is an upgrade on Giroud but not in the Lewandowski class.

At the DM position, if Wenger wanted to compete he wouldn't pass on Schneiderlin, Arsene is an obedient stooge that obeys the last order, though at the detriment of the fans, the board have different philosophy, and it's not about winning trophies... It will be a long season. Hope the board enjoy results as they come.

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