Jose Mourinho tells reporter "Google answers to stupid questions" (Video)

Jose Mourinho faces into tonight’s Champions League opener against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the midst of the biggest crisis of his managerial career.

Cut adrift from the Premier League title race after three defeats from the first five games, Chelsea need to make a statement with an emphatic win against their Israeli opponents tonight.

And Mourinho looks defiant and renewed after the defeat at Goodison.

He didn’t like this question about the perception of his ‘third season syndrome’, and told the journalist to ‘google’ his record instead of asking a ‘stupid’ question – despite the fact that his poor explanation only made the question look sensible.

Interestingly, the press officer felt obliged to come to Mourinho’s aid, and told the journo to hurry up or be ignored.

In a testy exchange with BBC Sport's Ben Smith, Mourinho rejected the idea that he is afflicted by so-called 'third season syndrome', causing the performances of the teams he has managed to deteriorate in his third season in charge:

Ben Smith: Do you believe that you still have all the qualities that made you such a great manager? A lot has been made of the third season in your time at clubs - what do you say to that?

Jose Mourinho: Look, my third season - in Porto, I didn't have a third season. My third season in Inter, I didn't have a third season. My third season at Chelsea the first time, I won the FA Cup and the Carling Cup, and I played the Champions League semi-finals. My third season in Real Madrid, I won the Super Cup, I lost the cup [Copa del Rey] final, and I went to the Champions League semi-finals. These are my third seasons...

BS: Sure, but you know what I'm getting at...

JM: So click Google, instead of making stupid questions, click Google and try to find.

BS: Jose, you know what I'm getting at though, don't you, how important is it for you to build...

JM: No, you spoke about the third season, and I am telling you that the question is stupid, because the third season is what I told you.

BS: Jose, you know the point of the question...

JM: No, I know the point, the point is that the question is stupid. I am sorry...

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