Cristiano Ronaldo has 8 goals in his last 2 games & 4 hat-tricks in his last 6 Real Madrid matches

Amazing! Unbelievable! Incredible!

There are simply no words to describe Cristiano Ronaldo’s scoring record at the moment.

After starting the season a little slowly, the Portuguese superstar has exploded into action in the last two matches.

Last weekend against Espanyol in La Liga, Ronaldo helped himself to five goals in a 6-0 rout.

On Tuesday night in the Champions League against Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk, Ronaldo added another three goals to his tally.

So Ronaldo has scored eight goals in his last two matches: but there is an even better stat!

Looking back at Real Madrid’s last six competitive matches, Ronaldo has in fact scored four hat-tricks in his last 6 Los Blancos matches!

Those games were against Shakhtar, Espanyol, Getafe (in a 7-1 win last season) and Espanyol again in last season’s 4-1 away win.


Some tweets on Cristiano Ronaldo’s ridiculous scoring run at the moment can be read below.

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