Watch! Enyeama joking with referee of #NGA v #ARG "You gave Messi a lot of freekicks, He is so good"

Finally, got my hands on this video... Vincent Enyeama was seen having an amusing conversation with the referee  during half time of Nigeria vs Argentina match.

For the second World Cup running, Enyeama was terrific against Lionel Messi and Argentina but could not prevent a 3-2 defeat.

Enyeama was beaten twice by Lionel Messi in the first half, the second goal was just before the half-time break with a glorious free-kick that the Lille Goal keeper find it hard to deal with.

At half-time Enyeama had a chat with referee Nicola Rizzoli from Italy.

Vincent Enyeama jokingly said "You gave Messi a lot of free-kicks, gave him two already".

Referee: It's difficult, I know your job is very difficult.

Vincent Enyeama: You gave him two within four minutes, he wants to earn his money.

Referee responded inaudible things, then Enyeama gave a cheeky smile and tongue out before responding with;

Vincent Enyeama: I am trying because the guy is so good. If you are not good, I am shit.

Referee: If you are not good, you won't be here

Vincent Enyeama is just a great guy!!! Watch the video below:

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