A Chilean adult actress had a 12 hour sex marathon with strangers to celebrate the win over Australia

This is one way to celebrate your team winning a match at the World Cup…

Chilean porn star Marlen Doll has hit the international headlines for her interesting choice of celebrations after Chile beat Australia in their opening game at the World Cup.

Before the match with the Socceroos, Marlen Doll took to Twitter to announce that she’d be available for an eight hour sex marathon should Chile get the three points against the Aussies.

After the 3-1 win, Marlen Doll held up her end of bargain, whilst actually extending her sex marathon to a full half-day 12 hours session.

Marlen even issued her phone number on social networks for potential applicants, whilst pictures from the event are also easily available to find online for those who are interested.

See Marlen Doll’s tweets, plus one picture from the event itself, below.

culled: 101greatgoals

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