Is the Nigerian League truly corrupt? Just look at the Premier League table [Picture]

W1AHLcP Shameful! Corruption is clearly rife in Nigeria; Just look at the Premier League table [Picture] 

The above picture is showing the final league standing of the GLO Nigeria Premier Football League table.

Looking at the table, it's obvious that it is hard to win away games in the league...

Only one team won more than 2 away games and that is Kwara united but they were amazingly relegated. Isn't that Ironic?

Kano Pillars who were crowned the Champions of the League won just 2 away games, while the points difference between them and the team at the bottom of the table (Shooting stars) is just 17 points.

We all agree the Nigerian Premier Football League is the tightest league in the world? or do we agree that it is just the usual corrupt practices in the Nigeria system that has spread to our football league?

I am a football fan, I like to watch and write about football, but I find it hard to go to the stadium to watch league matches which is due to the fact I do not feel secured and when I am watching it on TV, I have it at the back of my mind that the away team will lose.

So, If I do not feel there is enough security at the stadium and I am just a fan. Why would a referee that is making the decisions feel that he is secured? A Referee with family waiting for daily bread at home does not want to get beat up by hoodlums, so as a result referees in the league most times favour home teams rather than away teams.

According to the The League Management Company (LMC), Nigerian referees are earning $600 (90,000 Naira) per match this was made known by Nigeria Referees Association (NRA) president Ahmed Maude.

For example, A referee that earns 90,000 Naira is officiating an away fame between Eyimba and Kano Pillars with Kano Pillars at home, he knows that his security is not guaranteed then he was offered 200,000 naira by Kano Pillars fans or officials to favour them.

He rejects the offer, he is in trouble as Kano Pillars won't provide security for him if Eyimba wins, but if he accepts and favour Kano Pillars then he is safe to go back home in good health plus more money to cater for his family. See the dilemma and where corruption comes in?

Funny enough, this is affecting Nigerian referees as you rarely see a Nigerian officiating at a CAF tournament and important international matches not to talk of FIFA championships.

I am writing based on my own knowledge of the little I know about the League, if I am wrong I stand to be corrected.

I just hope The League Management Company (LMC) will put things in place and make the Nigerian league more competitive as the National team is on the rise, attention will shift towards the League and will attract investors even as football is still been run by the government one way or the other.

Just look at the South African league, the hardwork and package they have given to the league is paying off, they broadcast their league worldwide and it has also improved their game play as Orlando Pirates are in the finals of the CAF Champions League while our League Champions last year could not even make it into the group stages.

Believe it or not, in the next couple of years their national team (Bafana Bafana) will pick up and also be a force in the world of football.

The League Management Company (LMC) of the Nigerian Premier Football League are doing a great job so far but they can take a cue from their South African counterparts and make matches more convenient for fans and football lovers in the country.

And also, provide adequate security for referees and officials in general.

Oh, you were wondering why I decided to rant about the NPFL when I could have put my energy into writing about the Classico or English Premier League? I saw this post on a website and as a Nigerian, I was not happy about it: Shameful! Corruption is clearly rife in Nigeria; Just look at the Premier League table [Picture]

Though, I will do something on the classico or EPL later if I am not busy with work.

Have a great weekend people.

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