Maurizio Sarri can't smoke on the touchline so he chews cigarette

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri chewing a cigarette during game against Huddersfield

Maurizio Sarri was spotted appearing to chew on a cigarette butt during Chelsea's opening Premier League clash against Huddersfield.

Maurizio Sarri was pictured chewing on a cigarette during Chelsea's first Premier League tie against Huddersfield.

The former Napoli coach was leading his team out for their first competitive match since taking over from Antonio Conte in the summer and his side won at the match 3-0.

Chelsea gave a glimpse of "sarri ball" with some of their passing, but lacked fluidity and intensity as the game progresses, it is still early in the season and Sarri had said it would take 2-3 months for his team to come good.

During the Huddersfield clash, a picture made the rounds on social media with a cigarette butt in Sarri's mouth.

The Italian was taking charge of his first competitive match since becoming Blues boss in the summer and guided his side to a 3-2 victory.

There is a strict no smoking Policy at English stadia, which stopped the 59-year-old who loves his nicotine from lighting up a cigarette on Saturday afternoon.

According to reports, Sarri is known to smoke up to five packs of cigarette daily and was previously allowed to smoke on the touchline in Italy.

Well, he improvised with a stick of cigarette despite the ban by chewing the end of an unlit stick while guiding his side to victory at Huddersfield.

Sarri was happy with the win, admitting that there is a difference in physicality and refereeing in the Premier League compared to the Serie A.

"I am really very happy because in the first part of the season I think that for us it is not easy to gain points," the Chelsea coach said.

"The first half was hard. If you look at the result, you can think about an easy game, but in the first half, we were in trouble for 15 minutes against a very physical team.

"We are not a physical team and I think the best of the game is the capacity of suffering for 15 minutes.

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