Reasons Man Utd De Gea's dream move to Real Madrid collapsed [Reports]


This should be one of the most controversial and dramatic transfer saga we have witnessed, David De gea proposed move to Real Madrid was confirmed yesterday afternoon but late in the night reports suggest that the deal if off.

David De Gea had been left out from the first few matches of the season by Louis Van Gaal as the Spanish international goal keeper have insisted all season that he was moving to the Santiago Bernabeu, not until the last week of the transfer window before a deal was been tabled.

On transfer deadline day which was yesterday, news filtered through that a deal had been agreed by the two giants of football for De Gea - Manchester United requested for Keylor Navas if De Gea was to go the other way, which we heard was settled and all that remained was paperwork.

So, what happened? Why did the deal collapse?

Below are some reports as different media outlets reported last night.

According to Spanish newspaper AS, David De Gea part of the deal had been agreed well before the Navas part with the Costa Rican goal keeper initially not interested in a move to Old trafford.

David De Gea was supposed to move to Real Madrid for a 30 million Euro fee while Keylor Navas was to move in the opposite direction for a 15 million Euro fee.

Keylor Navas' transfer took longer than expected which led to some delay in documentation as the paperwork for the transfers didn't get to the Spanish football federation on time for De Gea to be registered arriving 28 minutes after the transfer window had closed.

Reports in Madrid based Spanish newspaper Marca are putting the blame on Manchester United, though other media reports say that United were not pleased with the whole saga either.

Marca are claiming that Manchester United sent the Real Madrid documents in a file format that they could not open in time. That's funny and Marca splashed 'RIDICULO' in the front page of their newspaper this morning.

Apparently De Gea brought a suit with him and everything in anticipation of his unveiling on Tuesday. There’s a chance he might get to wear it yet.

You can see Marca’s front page below.

Real Madrid have said they will be appealing to the Spanish football federation to see if they can get the deal through, so we are in for a long transfer deadline day.

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