Why Benzema transfer to Arsenal broke down, model Jeinny Lizarazo posts DMs

After Karim Benzema ended all transfer speculations linking him to Arsenal, Venezuelan model Jeinny Lizarzo has some things to answer for as she requested to be punished if the the French striker does not move to the Emirates.

Lizarzo was obviously aware of Benzema’s tweet today, and she has now claimed to have some new details on why the deal did not work.

Apparently not too enthusiastic about being ‘punished’, Lizarzo claims that Benzema to Arsenal was very much on, and that it only broke down due to Real Madrid’s excessive demands.

Lizarzo claims that Wenger hesitated when Madrid asked for the full transfer fee up front, and that this caused the move to fall through.

Those in Spain, on the contrary, claim that there was never anything close to a deal, and that it was all simply rumours.

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