Thiago Silva on Di Maria's move: PSG is bigger than Manchester United

You see Thiago Silva trending on twitter and you wonder why? What has he done? Why is he trending?

Well, the Brazil international defender and captain is been attacked by Manchester United fans precisely after he said PSG is a bigger club than English teams.

The former AC Milan defender was asked about Manchester United's winger Angel Di Maria impending move to PSG, Brazilian defender Silva had this to say:

"People now need to respect PSG as one of the big clubs in Europe. Real Madrid and Barcelona are probably on another level, but after that if you join PSG you are you probably taking a step up."

Huh? Is he trying to say PSG is a bigger club that the almighty Manchester United? How dare you Thiago?!!!

Then he went further by comparing PSG's campaign in Europe last season to other English clubs, reminding all English football fans that the French Champions knocked the English champions out.

“We went further than any English clubs in Europe last year - even beating the English champions," the PSG captain continued.

"Every season we keep our best players despite much interest, and always add the best players in Europe. How many clubs can say that? The vision our owners have for this club is very clear, and that is for PSG to be the best."

Manchester United fans react on twitter:

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