Ryan Babel tells female Liverpool fan to Grow some t**s, posts his Phone # in twitter meltdown

Ryan Babel was on a roll last night on twitter publishing his phone number on the social media platform in order for 'haters' to have a chance to insult him, more like a twitter meltdown.

We are not sure why he published his phone number but we know what led to that. The former Liverpool striker criticized Rafa Benitez on twitter which prompted a female Liverpool fan to call him out on the tweet.

Babel have always blamed Benitez for his poor showing in the English premier league blaming the Real Madrid manager for his defensive tactics during their time with Liverpool as the main reason he didn't improve his attacking instincts.

Basically, he retweeted a daily mail post about Benitez in which he denied been a defensive manager.

This caused a female Liverpool fan to question his problems and then Babel stupidly replied the twitter user to ‘grow some tits instead of speaking about football’, and then followed this up by asking her to get her boyfriend or brother, so that he could speak to a man.

Because according to Babel, women are not allowed talk about football.

Oh well...

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