Can you feel it? The English Premier League kicks off this weekend! [Video teaser]

Have you ever felt any tingling bulge around your rib cages when you anticipate something exhilarating? Like the goose pimples that rear heads when you feel some sensations, like the anxiety of a pregnant woman who has an EDD, like the sound of rain to a peasant farmer, like an incoming call from a Twitter crush, like the announcement of election results to a politician...

Ladies and gentlemen the wait is over, the English premier league kicks off this weekend!

Like the smell of Christmas from August...

Brothers will go to war with pride at stake in local derbies, title on the line to defend, reclaim, assault or challenge in respective cases, records will be equaled, broken and sent into history books for good.

Legends will be born, signings will be questioned, tactics will be lacerated, professionalism, hunger and motivation will be tested at the alter of three invaluable points.

The champions from Stamford Bridge will turn out familiar drivers for their unpredictable buses, Etihad boys will either fly for glory or form an orderly queue to usher out their Chilean gaffer, Arsenal will fire at all cylinders if the physios justify their pay and the Devils in Manchester must sharpen their philosophical clubs as they attack all foes.

Below the line, Brendan Rodgers will not stop seeing character, Pochetino will learn more English and Ronald Koeman will try again for the holy grail called the Top Four.

As always, one team will prove stubborn, defy gravity and form indestructible early on, it won't be Southampton this term, watch out for Stoke City and Alan Pardew's Crystal Palace, none will make Europa places, but they will take points that belong to title hopefuls, one team that will disappoint is Swansea.

Watch this space on Friday for complete season predictions.

Let the season begin!

Watch the official English Premier League 2015/16 teaser below:

Article written by @Komptrolla

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