Cristiano Ronaldo disguised as homeless man pulling freestyle tricks to prank Madrid public

The Real Madrid superstar was cunningly disguised as a homeless person, complete with bedraggled beard, padded suit and dog companion, before spending an afternoon showing off his skills in Madrid's Plaza del Callao.

The video, in collaboration with of ROC Live Life Loud, sees the Ballon d'Or holder interact with passers-by - including him being ignored by pensioners while having a request for the phone number from a pretty girl politely rejected

However, despite being unaware they were in the company of one of the world's greatest players, most people in Spain's capital were pleased to engage with the mysterious vagabond before Ronaldo revealed his true identity to an unsuspecting youngster.

After almost embarrassing the young boy with his dribbling skills, the 30-year-old stopped to sign the ball he had been playing with before stripping off his disguise and gifting the ball to the awe struck child - while subsequently creating pandemonium in the streets.

credit: dailymail

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