Xavi Slams Real Madrid For Casillas Treatment

Former Barcelona captain Xavi blasts Real Madrid for the way they have handled their captains departure.

Iker Casillas could not hold back the tears as he was speaking to the press on his transfer to Porto from his beloved Real Madrid.

There have been widespread of criticism by football fans and Iker's family on the handling of the Legendary goal Keeper by Real Madrid.

Xavi who was a product of Barcelona's La Masia, joined Qatari side Al Sadd at the end of last season and fans, officials and teammates paid homage to him at a packed Nou Camp stadium where the midfielder was surrounded by family and friends compared to the surreal send-off for Iker Casillas and

He wrote in Spanish daily La Vanguardia on Tuesday that Casillas had not changed since they first met at the Under-17 World Cup in Egypt in 1997 and that he remained "a good person".

"That's why it leaves a bad taste what is happening with him now," Xavi wrote.

"In recent years, I have seen that he is not enjoying himself like before.

"He even seems bitter and I think everyone in this country (Spain) should think about this.

"It cannot be that maturing Spanish athletes are not shown sufficient respect, that people neglect to value everything they have done for their sport and instead focus on their defects, sometimes with malicious intent."

"I look at Iker and I have the feeling that lately he is playing under pressure, as if he has to prove what a great keeper he is in every match, without the joy he always had.

"Now he is going to Porto and I am sure he will be welcomed as a hero. Away from here they will appreciate him more."

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