Colombia's Zuniga apologies to Neymar on instagram

Colombia’s Camilo Zuniga has taken to Instagram to post a public apology after ending Neymar’s World Cup.

Zuniga kneed the Brazil star in the back during the quarterfinal tie on Saturday in Fortaleza, and it’s since been revealed that Neymar incurred a fractured vertebrae which has ended the starlet’s World Cup prematurely.

Zuniga’s apology (we the help of Google translate) read as follows:

I deeply regret the Neymar injury suffered during the game between Brazil and Colombia. 

Although I feel that this situation is normal in game action, which had no ill intent, malice or negligence on my part, I want to send a special message to Neymar.

I admire, respect and consider you one of the best players in the world. I hope you make a quick recovery so that we can continue playing football, a sport full of virtues and qualities that certainly I’ve always put into practice in my 12 years as a professional player. 

To the Brazilian fans, who now looks like one of his players, a human issue, is outside the Party World Cup, I send a special message and thank you for all the support for the Colombia during each games played.

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