Kosovan Superleague club Hajvalia offer Liverpool £25k to sign Luis Suarez during his 4 month ban [Telegraph]

According to the Daily Telegraph, Luis Suarez have been offered a deal by Kosovan Superleague outfit Hajvalia to join them during his 4-months ban duration.

Kosovo are yet to be a full member of FIFA, as a result of this the Super league side have made a cheeky offer to sign the Liverpool striker as he completes his ban.

"Suarez can't play in the next four months," Xhavit Pacolli, the club's director told Kosovo's daily, Sport Plus.

"As we are not part of Fifa yet, I think he can play in Kosovo, so we have an offer that we will send to Liverpool. 

Hajvalia are willing to pay Liverpool £25,000 and give Suarez a salary of £1200 per month if he accepts the offer of playing in the tiny Balkan state.

"This is the maximum we can offer," Pacolli said."We offered £25,000 and a salary of £1200 for each month.

"This might sound ridiculous to him, but that is all we can do.

"If he is willing to come and play for us, he is welcome. As we are not part of Fifa, it would be ideal for him."

Hajvalia finished last season 6th, and are owned by a famous folk singer, known as Meda.

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