Jose Mourinho on Spain's Exit: 'People learn how to play against the best teams'

After Spain's embarrassing exit from the 2014 World Cup, a lot of pundit and coaches around the world have shared their views on the shocking performance of the World Champions.

Chelsea's coach Jose Mourinho believes Tiki-Taka has now had its day and that opposition teams have developed ways to combat La Roja's now world-famous passing game.

Mourinho said: "The surprise is Spain played two games in four days against two teams with the same style,” the former Real Madrid coach said. The problem, he added, was that they "have not looked at the strategic side of the game, they have accumulated many players in the centre”.

“Just Pedro and Jordi Alba have tried to attack through the flanks. The rest have played just through the centre,” he told Yahoo Sports, for whom he has been working as a pundit during the World Cup.

“In the past six years Spain have been fantastic, but people learn how to play against the best teams,” he continued. “Congratulations to this fantastic and unforgettable team, but this time they have just been eliminated in the group stage.”

"We have to be fair, and instead of saying Spain didn't play well – which I agree with – we have to be fair and say Chile and Holland did an amazing job,” he said in reference to Louis van Gaal and Jorge Sampaoli, Del Bosque's Dutch and Chilean counterparts.

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