Joseph Minala’s agent says his 17-year-old client who looks 40 appears older because of a “difficult childhood”

One of the biggest football stories of the week has been the age of Lazio’s new signing Joseph Minala, as many have questioned that the Cameroonian midfielder is actually 17 as he looks like more 40.

Furious at the abuse he was receiving, Joseph Minala hit back at his haters this week with an angry message of Twitter, while the teenager shut down his Facebook page and turned his Instagram account private.

Now Minala’s agent Diego Tavano has spoken to Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport in an attempt to clear up the confusion once and for all as Tavano explained his player looks older than his age because of a ”difficult childhood”.

The situation surround Joseph is clear. He had a difficult time growing up. If you talk to him you’ll realise he is in every way a 17-year-old lad.

Minala has also received further support from Mauricio Perconti, the owner of the amateur club Vigor Perconti who sold the Cameroonian to Lazio. Perconti has added:

I can not deny that he looks older, but all the documents (regarding his age) are ok.

Lazio have also released a separate statement confirming the paperwork on his birth is “absolutely legitimate” and registered with the football federation. The statement said “Lazio denounce this latest attempt from hostile figures to throw a sinister light on this club” and are prepared to take legal action to “protect the good name” of the club and its players.”

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