Juan Mata's scenario - Chelsea or World Cup? [Opinion]

We are in the last few days of the January transfer window; teams all over the world are looking to do some business.

Though not every team is interested in doing business, but some players want to move and rightly so! It's the world cup year; if they are not playing at their clubs then they are most likely going to miss the World Cup.

Taking a look at Mata's situation; Chelsea fans adore Jose Mourinho and love Mata but the Spanish player is not Jose Mourinho's type of player though Mata can improve by working hard then Mourinho will surely play him, it is definitely up to him, I wrote about this at the beginning of the season.

Chelsea are on a six games winning streak in all competitions, the team look better without Mata as Oscar, Willian and Hazard seem to be the perfect combination.

In the Southampton game where Juan Mata reacted badly to been subbed, Chelsea were struggling until the introduction of Willian and Oscar and both Brazilian players scored a goal each as Chelsea thrash Southampton 3-0.

It is just weird seeing Mata on the bench as he was Chelsea's player of the year in the last two seasons and only David Silva has more assists than him since joining the English Premier League from Valencia.

Juan Mata - Assists King!
Reports in England suggest that Juan Mata will join Manchester United on a 48 million Euro deal before the end of the January transfer window, personally, I would think Jose Mourinho is smart enough not to allow him to join a rival team.

Spanish Newspaper, AS, are reporting that Jose Mourinho is cautious with the Manchester United negotiations due to backlash from Chelsea fans and he wants Mata to make a public announcement that he wants to leave Stamford Bridge.

Will Juan Mata really leave before the end of the January transfer window?

Juan Mata loves Chelsea but as a Spanish player he will be thinking of the world cup. He is not getting enough playing time to get into the World Champions' team.

I think if he truly loves Chelsea he will stay and fight on for his place, he will look to improve his overall game. This is the first time his position in the team is under threat and the first time he is facing competition, but it could have been easier if it was not a world cup year.

Juan Mata is in a serious dilemma. His beloved Chelsea or the world Cup?

The next few days will be interesting...

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