TV rights money distribution in La Liga and Premier League: Crazy comparism [Graphic]

In the last few seasons in Spanish La Liga, there have been a huge gap between the top two (Real Madrid and Barcelona) and the rest of the teams in the League compared to the competitiveness in the English Premier League.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are always getting away from others even before the 2nd half of the season and Atletico Madrid is the only team that seems to be challenge and get close to them in the last couple of seasons.

Now let's take a look at how the TV rights money distribution is being shared in the La Liga compared to the EPL.

La Liga TV Rights money distribution

English Premier League TV rights money distribution

 Comparing the above graphics from last season's TV rights money distribution, we can all see why the English Premier League is more competitive than the Spanish La Liga.

Whenever Barcelona is thrashing a smaller team 7-0, you should understand why... lol

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