Arsenal fan group the Black Scarf Movement hand out fliers outside the AGM saying club are not a European ‘Super Club’

Some Arsenal fans are  not happy with the team despite the progress they are making so far this season both in domestic and European competitions.

Ahead of Arsenal’s AGM on Thursday, Gunners fan group ‘the Black Scarf Movement’ have been handing fliers claiming that Arsene Wenger’s side are not a European “Super Club”.

Here is an excerpt from the fliers:

[Arsenal] need to take the right steps forward, starting in the boardroom. A fresh approach, fresh ideas, with people who know the game, and know the famous club of ours. 

Does the current Board have the right ingredients for the long term future of our club? As a supporters’ group, we feel it doesn’t. Indeed some 87% of fans who completed our 2012/13 end of season survey feel the current Board is out of touch with fans.

We can learn from Bayern Munich when it comes to taking care of ourselves as a club, while looking after our core support. So Let’s face the future and take that step.

Below is a copy of the Black Scarf Movement’s flier, along with a second picture of a “European ‘Super Club’ Top Trumps” which compares Arsenal with Bayern Munich.

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