Manchester United, not Arsenal got more headaches from Champions League draw

All eyes were on UEFA last night as the draws for the group stage of the prestigious UEFA Champions League was held, the sensational shivers returned to our spines as the traditional anthem reeled through our speakers, nerves were swollen as teams hoped to avoid giants in the draw.

In few blinks it was over and some fans took to the streets to rejoice and bants went flying on different social media platforms, while it has been largely ignored that it's a weakness of sort on your team's part to wish in the first place for a fair draw, in all honesty, to be the best you must beat the best, you won't always be as lucky as the Porto team of 2004 that had only Manchester United as only the seemingly big team they met on their way to Jose Mourinho's first Champions League glory and the earlier you become strong for yourself with stronger opposition the better for your strength as you progress because in this competition, stats matter.

Arsenal have been pitched among Bayern Munich, Dinamo Zagreb and Greek giants Olympiacos, a lot of people strangely attached doom to Arsenal in this group and you wonder why.

With Zelalem, Iwobi and Akpom Arsenal will beat the Greek and Croat team on any ground, history has it well in Arsenal's favor and team sheets too, Bayern will edge the group and Arsenal second, it's been settled before kick off, were Arsenal expecting a fairer group? Well the answer is no because as it always play out Arsenal will come second whether they have Malmö and Bate or they have Barcelona and PSG. Case closed.

Manchester City on paper are in the trickiest of groups, they've never been lucky with UCL groups and they hardly need one, they have a squad that could blow Chelsea away in a flash and are even improving with Kevin De Bruyne.

City are the favorites on paper looking at Juve's current struggles and Sevilla's player exodus, Monchengladbach isn't going to be a problem and if nothing goes wrong City should win a group for the first time this term.

Chelsea got the easiest route, Maccabi Tel-Aviv will have nothing good to savour on replay on either legs, a trip to Ukraine is never easy but a point will do, Porto is the only headache here but Jose still speaks Portuguese remember.

It's baffling seeing Manchester United fans troll Arsenal and City but they've not sat down to ruminate over their trips to Germany and Russia for Wolfsburg and CSKA.

If Depay has weakened PSV, the other two won't come in the shades of Club Brugge, more interestingly, United fans are desperately hoping their noisy neighbors snap De Bruyne from Wolfsburg so he won't hurt them in Europe but they forgot City doesn't play in La Liga.

If there's any British team that has reasons to ponder, it's the one that would negotiate fixtures in cold stoned Russia and colorful Germany.

Written by @Komptrolla

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