Juan Mata's blog: Perfect week and trip to Spain

Hi everyone!

In the last few weeks, it seems every time I write to you I’m also packing for a trip. I’ve just arrived from Norwich and now I’m getting my luggage ready to go to Spain this Monday. And yet I like this feeling, when you come back home with the job done and three more points. I like to contemplate London (the area I get to see) from my living room as a way to relax.

As I said, winning a tough game, even more prior to a long international break, helps to switch off properly from your daily job with your club, keeping that good taste until the next game.

We’ve just closed a week with two away victories: the one in Bucharest to stand in a better place in our Champions League group, and the one in Norwich to approach to the top of the table in the Premier League. They were two games that we faced with very good intensity and completely focused. Plus, scoring in the first few minutes helped to win both matches (our first away win in the Premier League included).

So I’m looking forward to keep our good streak; there’s no better way to travel to Spain now. I’m going to meet again my team mates in the National squad, and that is always a pleasure. It’s time to get our ticket to the World Cup, so we want to win these two games ahead, in Mallorca and Albacete.

Sadly, my friend ‘el Guaje’ Villa won’t be there due to the injury he suffered this past Sunday. I wish him a speedy recovery. On the other hand, his absence brings Michu in, someone I know well since we were very young because we were together in the Real Oviedo Academy. I’m really happy for you, Miguel.

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