Cristiano Ronaldo helps injured Cavani off the pitch (Internet reactions)

Cristiano Ronaldo helps injured cavani off the pitch during uruguay vs Portugal at Russia 2018 world cup

This is why football is a beautiful game, good sportsmanship is one of the lovely sides of sports.

During Uruguay vs Portugal match, World footballer of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen helping Edinson Cavani.

Portugal was chasing the game after going 2-1 down to two goals from Edinson Cavani, despite the importance of the match, Ronaldo first instinct was not "maybe he is faking it to waste time or some antics". The Real Madrid star helped the PSG striker off the pitch with his arm around his shoulder.

Oh well, fans reacted to this gesture differently, some think it is beautiful while some think Ronaldo is trying to score points. Whichever way, it is good sportsmanship on live TV.

See some tweets reacting to Ronaldo's gesture below:

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