Premier League game week 21: Betting tips and predictions

Premier league game week 21 betting tips and predictions

We’ve been close to a 100% on occasions and we’re not afraid to stick our necks again, it’s the last time we’re doing this in 2017, we’ll be back swiftly on the first day of the year with yet another round of games, we wish you a wonderful new year and good luck with the bookies.


Bournemouth vs Everton
Betting predictions: Bournemouth to win or draw

Chelsea vs Stoke
Betting predictions: Chelsea to win

Huddersfield vs Burnley
Betting predictions: Burnley to win or draw

Liverpool vs Leicester
Betting predictions: Both teams to score

Newcastle vs Brighton
Betting predictions: Newcastle to win

Watford vs Swansea
Betting predictions: Watford to win or draw

Manchester United vs Southampton
Betting predictions: United to win

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City

Betting predictions: Both teams to score

West Brom vs Arsenal
Betting predictions: Arsenal to win

Happy new year in advance from all of us at

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