Lionel Messi will be tried in Spain for tax fraud, could spend 22 months in jail [AFP]

Agence France-Presse have dropped a bombshell on Thursday afternoon: FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi will be tried in Spain for tax fraud.

The news has come as a major shock, after it was reported earlier in the week that Messi’s tax fraud charges had been dropped.

Messi and his father have been accused of defrauding Spanish authorities of more than €4 million. Prosecutors allege that Jorge Messi avoided paying tax on his son’s earnings by using offshore companies in Belize and Uruguay between 2007 and 2009.

Messi and his representatives have always maintained that the footballer had no idea of any of these tax issues, as Leo was simply focusing on his football at the time.

According to El Pais, Messi could be sentenced to 22 months in prison if found guilty.

The news that Messi’s will be tried for tax fraud is just the last setback for the Argentine after he sustained a torn internal collateral ligament in his left knee last Saturday in a match against Las Palmas, and will not play for seven to eight weeks while he recovers.

credit: 101greatgoals

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