Three points, one point or nothing... EPL is here!

Manchester City were sent back to planet earth by Victor Moses and Westham, Kevin Debryne and a certain flying British currency couldn't do anything about it, does heaven miss them? Will they fly back on the wings of Tottenham? Harry Kane should wake up it's a stale season already, or is he a one season wonder? Maybe not. Mr Son from Korea is here to offer a helping hand.

Will Leicester City go unbeaten this season? Maybe it's easier for Emile Heskey to make a sensational comeback and win Ballon'dor than that to happen, but they can believe and dream, they have Arsenal to negotiate at the KP Stadium. Hot and cold Arsenal will definitely start Olivier Giroud, of what use is his benching when he's suspended in Europe? If Arsenal want to be taken seriously they should be winning here.

Take to your heels Chelsea, Papis Cisse is coming, successive losses to Newcastle is worth taking seriously. For Chelsea, beating Maccabi, 9man Arsenal and league one side Walsall doesn't spell recovery but it's sure part of the healing process after a dreadful start to their title defense.

Brendan Rodgers will probably oversee his last Liverpool game at Anfield this weekend, has he ever beaten Aston Villa at home? Can't remember. Unfortunately for the Welshman, Dejan Lovren, Christian Benteke and Firminho are all out and must now depend on his British core to save his job, if he loses and powers that be at Anfield still leave him at the helm then their ambitions should be questioned.

Manchester United completes the jigsaw in this preview as we only center around those who will be badly affected if they don't find three points this weekend. Sunderland will probably hand the points to the Devils on a platter of gold. Will Wayne the son of Rooney respond today? Will Martial, the French wonder continue scoring? Will Mr Memphis come to party? In the end, Luke Shaw's healing process will be of much news than this result as Sunderland won't be of much threat.

Let the games begin.

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