Jose Mourinho to shake hands with Arsene Wenger before Chelsea v Arsenal [Mirror]

Jose Mourinho is prepared to put an end to his bitter feud with Arsene Wenger tomorrow, by shaking hands with his French foe before the game at Stamford Bridge.

The pair have been sworn enemies for some time now, dating back to Mourinho’s first stint in charge at Chelsea, when he rather oddly accused Wenger of being a ‘voyeur’.

That was the beginning of a decade-long feud that has seen English football’s two most successful foreign managers become best of enemies, but we could now see a calming of the situation if they shake on it before tomorrow’s game.

It had descended to its worst point in the same fixture last season when the pair became involved in a shoving match on the sideline; tomorrow’s symbolic handshake should ensure we never witness such undignified incidents ever again.

This is peace in our time.

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