Whatever Mourinho tells players to lure them to his team should be packaged & sold

Who remembers the Mikel Obi saga in 2005?

The young lad was thought to have signed for Sir Alex Ferguson's side before a late tussle ensured the matter went to court and the Nigerian whiz kid didn't play professional football for a whole year.

Mourinho won in the end and the rest is history.

Tottenham Hotspur were gearing up for a press conference where they were to announce the signing of Willian from Shakter Donesk, a famous phone call from a returning "happy one changed everything" and the Brazilian is running affairs on the turf of Stamford Bridge, what did Mourinho say to him over the phone?

Manchester United fans celebrated Pedro's Uefa Super Cup winner like it was a goal of their own, they weren't celebrating Barcelona, instead they were savouring what they'd enjoy for as long as the Spanish forward stays at Old Trafford, fast forward few days later and Pedro Rodriguez is being unveiled as a Chelsea player. Jose Mourinho was rumored to have called him on Sunday to change his mind and divert United's consignment to the shores of West London, what exactly does Mou tell these bunch that changes their minds?

It's understandable for Willian, Spurs is in the shadows at North London but Manchester United is no small club, whatever it is that the special one utters over the phone to these men should be packaged and sold at the mall.

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