What are you doing this weekend? It's another Premier League weekend! by @Komptrolla

For me... They say Trafford is Old I need to find out how old, with me on the trip is a guy I met at Stade Velodrome his name is Florent Thauvin, he has a point to prove though our mission is different, for me it's pleasure but for him its personal, he has a friend called Morgan, not Freeman, but Schneiderlin, from the Saints temple, not Merlin, but he's also a seeker, of silverware at a force that have failed to win their own hearts in recent battles, I will enjoy this trip.

I failed Geography at every attempt so forgive my Isreali modeled wanderings, because I'm leaving Manchester for London, not empty handed like my co visitors, or did I miss anything? Was at Selhurst last Sunday, I met a pretty Chilean Coke-Bottle bodied lady, she scribbled her digits for me but it fell through the seats when The Ox failed to see off the contest and ensured the usual nervy finish to every Arsenal win, I'm hoping I'd find it, I'll call the beauty when some Eagles fly me to the Palace to pay homage to the British Crystals.

Since I'm some invisible flying Eagles, I'm off to another Palace to perch with the King with Power, he has some Foxes in his garden, one has to be careful they got no respect for visitors, when they're taken on a stroll, they devour whatever they see, they don't wanna be sent to a lower kingdom, I bring greetings from the long necked Pelicans, with me is the messenger of the creed, Harry, not Porter, but the brother of Abel that was slain.

 My wings are weak now I need to stop at Carrow train station, some heavy legged warriors are passing by, they come with red cards and first aid boxes, the hornet's nest must be stirred, but then, I don't intend to get Stoked up here, I'm off.

To enjoy some Light, some freshness and offer my condolences to some cross country Tynewear humans who have some unwanted visitors from Wales, not like they don't have the usual 3points to offer them as gift, but how long more will they dash out generously before they're booted out of this territory to a land of no return... Like Leeds, a Land of asunder.

 My book of Magic has malfunctioned again and I'm in London, Upton Park yaaaay I have a present for a certain Reece, if he passes his GSc, I'm taking him on my wings to Oxford, who art thou oh Bournemouth, you shall return wounded by some reckless Hammers in the hands of the hammers.

Then across town after seeing to Bournemouth's treatment, I need to sympathize with my baggies friends, they were invaded by some wounded lions, with imported tyres from Yokohama, and an alien in the 17th UFO, who do we report them to? I have an idea.

I'm at the Goodison, I'll wait for the conquerors of the champions to come to town, though they will steal, destroy but not kill, Mr Martinez the bald knight in gloomy armor will have pieces to take on the next battle... Oh flying bird fly me out its getting hot in here.

Yes... Whew! Now at the Vicarage, what am I doing here? Some so called Saints with clubs and daggers are on a raid, with a commander in crutches... I'm going home via Emirates airline.

This is home, the comfort zone, where the luxury of choice awaits me, my remote has new batteries, but tonight... Monday the 24th, it's locked down on one street, some Chris and Philippe are coming, to fulfill righteousness, they'll come in black but I'm pretty sure they'll see red.

Let the games begin!

Written by @Komptrolla

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