Opinion: Jose Mourinho to blame for Chelsea's woes by @Komptrolla

The first time the turfs of England knew the special one, it was with a bomb, early leads characterized Mourinho's reigns such that by Christmas the end is established before the process is built.

Last season was no different, Chelsea led from start to finish, they could even afford some slips as they limped to the finish line, they blazed out of sight while others were struggling to kickstart.

At the turn of the new year when it was looking like Man City would challenge them, some monstrous displays alongside City's embarrassing run of results which included losses to Burnley, Arsenal and stalemate against Hull settled nerves at Stamford Bridge.

Beyond on field heroics, Chelsea usually get it right early in the transfer market, last time out, Courtois, Costa and Fabregas all joined before preseason games and were all settled in before the visit to Burnley on the opening day. The reverse is the case this season, no significant addition besides the awkward loan signing of Radamel Falcao obviously to replace Legendary Didier Drogba and Asmir Begovic who came on to replace Petr Cech, the acquisition of the Colombian forward is questionable, what real impact did Drogba make last season? He may have been useful in the dressing room but the fans didn't pay for tickets to listen to a legend's motivational talks, Falcao is obviously going to have same or even lower impact at Chelsea this term, he's not the player he used to be, Begovic is a great addition considering his efforts at the Etihad, Baba Rahman will cover well at left back but Mourinho must look beyond Ivanovic at right back.

The game against Arsenal confirmed the fears that emanated from the unconvincing preseason games. After the shared points on the opening day which could well be blamed on the sending off of Thibaut Courtois, it was evident that Chelsea needed depth, Montero exposed the emerging weaknesses of Ivanovic at every run, Sterling did again just one week later.

Ivanovic, Terry , Cahill struggle to contain Man City attack
The time may have come finally to redeploy Azpilicueta at his destined position and allow the new boy from Ghana to flourish at left back. The chase of Jon Stones from Everton is not a bad idea but the manner in which the special one is going about it leaves a lot to be desired, stump up the right price and the badge on the lad's blue shirt will change quickly.

Diego Costa is one of the best in the land, but his attitude must be contained or he'll ruin the party for the champions, at the Etihad, he concentrated on arguing and neglected his primary role in the team, his fitness is another huge concern, these thoughts call for another striker signing, doesn't have to be marquee, but depth is important.

Off field issues are never far away from Jose Mourinho, he's the show man, it never affected him because he usually win matches with his mouthings, this time he's losing it - one moment he accused rivals of trying to buy the title, the next he's chasing a teenager with £30m, the fall out with first team doctor Eva Carneiro contributed something to the debacle at the Etihad. All these could have been avoided, some unbelievable fans didn't see anything wrong in Mourinho's handling of the issue, he sure had a point, Chelsea were one player down, he couldn't afford Hazard out, but shouting at the honorable woman who was only doing her job won't return the two points lost on the day.

Eva may have made a bad situation worse with the Facebook post, but a more matured handling of this would have averted the spotlight that was invited, no two ways about it, it was an ego problem, it has divided the house of Abrahamovic, it must be dealt with.

It's too early to write the champions off, despite the perfect start of the citizens, the blues are still favorites to defend their title successfully, depth must be added, off field issues must be contained and player attitudes must be upgraded, the loss to Manchester City must be the turning point.

Westbrom on paper should be a walk in the park, but the current form of Mourinho's men calls for attention.

Eden Hazard had no business thinking twice when Costa rolled the ball to his path at the Etihad stadium, if he had converted that rare chance on the day, the scoreline may have been different, definitely not as fake as Mourinho suggested, in fact if there's anything fake at the moment, it has to be the chances of Chelsea defending their title with Falcao upfront, Ivanovic at right back and the entire team under the clouds of Mourinho's off field dramas.

Written by @Komptrolla

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