Mourinho: "The best team in the second half was Chelsea" Man City 0-3 Chelsea Post-match Interview [Video]

The best team in the first half won the game. The best team in the second half was Chelsea. We didn't create a lot in the first half. In the second half we did. We had big chances, chances to equalise. But when Hazard did not score that chance....

It would have been a different story. Bringing in Demichelis was an intelligent change, the sort of change I would make and be criticised for. They should have finihsed the game with nine men. Fernandinho should have had a red card (for elbowing Costa) and Yaya Toure should have got a second yellow. John Terry did not have any injury it was just a decision. Zouma is the fastest defender in the squad.

I knew that City would play counter-attack. That was right because he Zouma in total control. I have the right to make decision to sub John Terry because I am the man who has played him, sometimes I am proven right and sometimes I am wrong."

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