It's another Premier League weekend, let the games begin!!! by @Komptrolla

Yesterday was Friday, one of those days, lengthy meetings of strange grammars, grey haired clients with archaic reasoning, no bell rang even as hours ran down. Light showers and headlamps announced the late evening, still on the desk sorting files, that was when I knew there was a lil boy in everyone, not just RVP, but he wasn't telling me to quit my job and join our rival agency across the street, he was telling me to be patient, whispering fixtures into my ears, running a countdown to the lunchtime kickoff...

Oh wow! It's the Toons, or Magpies against the blank shooters, a strong defense against a team of sheer imbalance, a team with some strong legs... Err... When the lawyer that owns a chamber isn't partnering angel Gabby though, yea Arsenal got some coke bottle body too, but Giroud as the head means you would always pass from distance, well except you're drunk and really doesn't mind a dirty toilet, guess that's what to expect on this one, day of one off brilliance, relax Rambo it's a fun day at the Vicarage... Foxes hunting the streets for Cherries, Riyad Mahrez is the new Cristiano Ronaldo, why won't Leicester dream?

I can smile then, but when I'm thirsty and need a cold Orijin from the fridge, Aston Villa vs Sunderland is one fixture I can look away from, stalemate I see, but if the black cats lie idle as always, then Tim the Lumberjack expert could get some points to buy safety in May... From whoever is tutoring Sunderland then.

Ok I'm on this one, 200th premiere league game for the Happy One, Pardew really won't come easy as a guest on your birthday, his gift of Zaha, Bolasie and Mutch aren't same as the Gold Frankincense and Myrrh that was given to the Lord that was born in a manger, I mean the son of a carpenter, the one on Father's right hand, well... I'm up.

One point forward for Rodgers and Co last Monday, well it was zero points forward for Westham, going to Anfield will be fun, another day to hear how much of character Coutinho and Jordan Ibe has got huh, it's just Westham come on, oh stop it my lil boy! You mean Watford visiting the Etihad? They had better not wear gold... They will be dragged in the mud... How sad.

Stoke trying to look like some Catalans yea they host Westbrom, none got wins yet so let's see, Brittania won't host me, naah I'm not coming, I want to see Lukaku off to the White Hart Lane, where he will mock the Pelicans, well a certain Son can make the difference but Pochettino doesn't speak fluent English how much more some Korean language... Weird.

Sort the files quickly Rambo, ok I can take off my tie, done for the week, past 9pm, St Mary's Stadium, not church is where I'll worship on Sunday, Saints looking too holy this term, they need prayers, hope Norwich let them, they wanna be great...

And then the stubborn boys host the daddy's boys, here's it, two different kinds of training, some children got Liberty, the liberty to hold the champions to ransom and even deplete them,  the others got some Old philosopher that lives in Trafford, one devil is awake, stole the dreams of some Belgians, but will he have such Liberty on Sunday? I'm going home!

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