Papiss Cisse allegedly has two wives, first wife said he got her pregnant at age 13 [Sun]

The sun are claiming that Papiss Cisse has had two wives, three girlfriends, while he stands accused of getting one of wives pregnant at 13.

This is not he first time The Sun have gone after Cisse for his off-the-field lifestyle.

At the start of June, under the headline ‘Taking the Papiss”, the Sun reported that Cisse has jilted his girlfriend in England to marry a volleyball player in Paris.

This time they went as far as visiting the alleged first wife in Senegal for an interview.

Adjia Siny Thiaw, who was 14 when she gave birth to the Newcastle striker’s son in Senegal, said they lied to make it look as if she had been over 16 — the age of consent.

She said: “We changed his date of birth so Papiss would not get in trouble. Paedophilia is a serious offence and it would have been bad for his career.”

Cisse, 16 when Adjia was pregnant, married her in 2013 — 11 years after son Ousmane’s birth.

They never divorced — meaning Cisse’s May marriage to Senegalese volleyball star Diallo Awa in France was bigamous.

It broke the law in both France and Senegal. The maximum sentence in both countries for bigamy is 12 months’ jail.

Cisse could have faced up to ten years if convicted of underage sex when his son was born. But too much time has lapsed for police to now bring charges

The Sun traced Adjia to an apartment in Senegal’s capital Dakar, where she lives with Ousmane, now 13.

She said she learned Cisse had married after reading The Sun’s report of the ceremony. She said: “We have never divorced. He has betrayed me and broken my heart.”

After Cisse, 30, married Diallo three of his British lovers came forward to say they were stunned to discover he had wed.

But their heartbreak was nothing compared with Adjia’s. She wept as she told how she and Cisse met at a football tournament in her hometown.

She said: “We liked each other and became boyfriend-girlfriend. Then I got pregnant. I was 13. It was not planned.

“I did not even know I was pregnant until I gave birth.

“I didn’t know anything about those things. I was still at school, playing around like a kid.

“One day my stomach hurt and I went to hospital. The baby was a big shock. I was scared but then I realised I had a baby and I was in love with Papiss.

“My father was very upset. But I did not want the police involved because I wanted to be with Papiss.”

The couple kept up a long-distance relationship as he signed first for French team Metz in 2004, then moved to Germany before a £9million deal took him to Newcastle United in January 2012.

In the summer of 2013 he flew home to Adjia. She said: “He asked me if I would marry him and of course I said yes.

“People said he would never marry me. But I always knew he’d come back to me.

“It was a beautiful day and Ousmane was very happy his mother and father were now married.”

When Cisse returned to Newcastle he installed Adjia and Ousmane in their apartment overlooking a dirt street where goats roam freely.

But he lives in a £1million home on an exclusive estate in northern England and earns £173,000 a month in the Premier League.

He gives Adjia £500 for rent and bills. In March last year Adjia and Ousmane visited him in the UK and saw him play in two matches.

But when Cisse went back to Senegal last summer he was no longer the content family man.

She said: “I am angry and I should sue him for bigamy. But I am also hopeful for the future.”

Newcastle United and Cisse’s agent both declined to comment.

The striker is with the Newcastle squad on a ten-day US tour.

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