Arturo Vidal’s father reportedly arrested for possession of drugs and knives (La Cuarta)

Arturo Vidal’s father was reportedly arrested for possession of drugs and knives.

The tale is reported by Chilean newspaper La Cuarta. Erasmo Vidal was apparently taken to the station after police in the town of La Victoria found drugs and knives in his possession.

Erasmo is quoted by the paper denying the charge. “I did nothing. It’s clear considering I was released after a while. I was just having a beer with friends. It was super quiet.”

While this fiasco was unfolding, Arturo Vidal was being unveiled as a Bayern Munich player. The midfielder signed for the German giants after four years at Juventus.

His father watched the presentation from the police station he was being held in.

Although Erasmo told the media he was only having a beer, Mayor Christian Poblete gave a different account of his arrest.

He said: “Don Erasmo Vidal was caught with two knives and possession of drugs. And if he was released is because it was determined that the amount of drug was for consumption. He also said that if he had a purse with two knives was if he was invited to a barbecue.”

While Arturo Vidal is a national hero in Chile, one who helped the country win its first ever Copa America earlier this summer, he was the subject of controversy during the tournament after being involved in a car crash after drink driving.

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