Peaceful anti-World Cup protester pepper-sprayed in the face in Brazil [Video]

 Bp9b2qRIMAAdF3T Police Brutality: Peaceful anti World Cup protester pepper sprayed in the face in Brazil [Video]

The anti-World Cup protests continue unabated on the streets of Brazil, even if their original idealistic aim of having the whole thing called off is now virtually impossible.

Just a few hours before Brazil kicked off against Croatia, a ‘manifestation’ took place 13km from the Corinthians stadium hosting the World Cup opener.

The peaceful protest was broken up by the riot police, as is par for the course, but what happened next was gratuitous violence, nothing more than police brutality.

The riot police apprehended a shirtless protester who had stood them down, and then once they had him cuffed and no longer any threat, they pepper sprayed him in the face to make an example of him.

source: 101greatgoals

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