15-year-old Brazilian boy broke into C.Ronaldo’s room, but Ronaldo let him go

A 15-year-old Brazilian boy called Yago Leal managed to dodge security at the Portuguese hotel, before he broke into Cristiano Ronaldo and eventually ended up meeting the Real Madrid superstar while lying on his bed.

In a bonkers tale, Leal reportedly managed to scale the outside of the building in Brasilia so as to enter Cristiano Ronaldo via a balcony.

Once inside the room, Leal took a rest on Ronaldo’s bed because, as he said, “he knew he had laid on it”.

Incredibly the teenager was caught in the act by Ronaldo himself, but rather than turning the boy into police for trespass, Ronaldo is said to have told the boy he wouldn’t called the cops, and moreover, he allowed Leal to snap a photo of him as he escaped the exact way he got in.

See the picture of Cristiano Ronaldo taken from the balcony of his hotel room in Brasilia, as snapped by intruder Yago Leal.

source: Globo

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