HORROR! An Arsenal fan stabbed a Liverpool supporter to death after the 5-1 defeat in Kenya

A shocking story have broken out of Kenya, an Arsenal fan stabbed a Liverpool supporter to death.

Standardmedia.co.ke have reported this crazy story, read the full story below:

An ardent Liverpool fan from Meru was last Sunday stabbed to death by an Arsenal fan, after the gunners suffered an embarrassing 5-1 defeat at the hands of their Liverpool hosts.

Anthony Muteitha, said to be a passionate Liverpool supporter died while being treated at the Meru Level Five hospital, after allegedly being stabbed by an enraged Arsenal fan. The two soccer fans had strolled into Marete’s bar in Meru town, to watch the highly publicised match between the two teams, taunted as favourite league contenders of the season. Tension was high as the match kicked off, with Manchester United and Chelsea fans ganging up behind Liverpool against Arsenal.

Trouble is said to have started after it became apparent that the Arsenal side was playing a losing game.

The Arsenal fan is said to have been angered by the Liverpool fan, who was celebrating at every goof the Arsenal side suffered. The tension reached its peak as the referee blew the final whistle, by which time, Arsenal had already been hammered five goals by their hosts. Unable to contain his anger, the Arsenal fan is said to have stabbed the Liverpool supporter, leaving him for the dead outside the bar.

Area police boss Tom Odero, said the assailant is still at large, adding that a manhunt has been launched to bring him to book. Mr Odero said locals had impounded a motorbike that the assailant was seen riding before the match, and taken it to Meru police station.

This is the second time this season that soccer fan has lost his life as a result of disappointing soccer results.

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