Eden Hazard to make immediate return into Chelsea starting line-up

Eden Hazard to make immediate return into Chelsea starting line-up

Branislav Ivanovic and Gary Cahill revealed that Eden Hazard will make a quick return to the Chelsea line-up this weekend.

Eden Hazard was not in the team that played the midweek UEFA Champions League game against Schalke after being dropped by Jose Mourinho due to disciplinary reasons, though the Portuguese Coach has refused to explain in details.

Ivanovic said, "It is important for the team, but also Eden accepts this as a discipline and he will be in the next game."

"It means we are serious, and we are all together - and I don't think he has a problem with that."

And Cahill added: "They had their chat one-to-one and the situation is dealt with. The manager makes decisions and he does not have to explain every single one.

"But the camp is a happy one - especially when we are winning games. Players know exactly where they stand but there are no long-term grudges.

"Eden Hazard is a terrific player and we obviously need him in the squad and available so we look forward to having him back."

Meanwhile, reports making the rounds in the media suggests that Hazard missed the Schalke game after losing his passport on the Eurostar.

Hazard’s failure to report for training on Monday was a result of him losing his passport on the Eurostar. He passport was eventually found by @rachidznaidi, who notified the Chelsea star about his discovery on Twitter.

Read the @rachidznaidi’s Tweets record how he found Hazard’s passport below.

 Mystery Solved: Hazard missed Chelseas CL game v Schalke after losing his passport on the Eurostar [Tweets]

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