Arsenal fan slams Mesut Ozil after Southampton: We need to see more from Ozil

Arsenal diehard fan who has a YouTube channel “EPLTakeover” has taken to the online video platform to rant about Mesut Ozil after the 2-0 win against Southampton.

Though, he is contented with the three points against the Saints, EPLTakeover has become one of the first Arsenal supporters to publicly slam Mesut Ozil for his performances in recent matches.

Ozil had a reserved game against the Saints just like he did against Manchester United at Old Trafford, looking like he was not playing at top speed and not doing enough.

Unhappy with Ozil's contribution, EPLTakeover has now vented:

We just didn’t create any chances. And I think the reason we didn’t create any chances is because Ozil, again, had a rubbish game. 

I think we’re at the point now where we can start saying Ozil’s not looked good for about a month, which is quite worrying when you spend 44-45 million on a player. Ozil needs to up his game. 

We need to see more from Ozil. We need to see more from Wilshere. We hold them up as such great players but they are not performing.

Watch the rant against Mesut Ozil below.

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