Eyah! Ashley Cole ‘punched three times’ by Playboy bunny

The Howe's twin: Melissa (Left) and Carla (Right0
Playboy Model Carla Howe claims she punched Ashley Cole three times and left the defender with a busted lip at a night club.

Speaking to The Sun, Carla, 24, claimed: “I punched him hard three times with my right hand and I was wearing a ring.

“Ashley had followed me from the VIP section into the foyer area and just got in my face. So I lashed out.

“Ashley was shouting, ‘She’s busted my lip’.

“I was led away by security but a friend told me he couldn’t talk afterwards.

“He deserved it. He thinks he can treat women like dirt. I was defending myself and my sister.”

Shortly after the alleged incident Carla tweeted she had hit Cole.

It read: “Happy I just punched up @therealAC3 long awaited.” The tweet has since been deleted.

In 2013 The Sun revealed how Carla’s sister Melissa had been repeatedly going to Cole’s house for sex in the home he had shared with ex-wife Cheryl.


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