Lol! Dude pretends to be Robert Lewandowski in America in order to pick up girls

The people behind the YouTube channel “Whatever”, a channel dedicated to pulling off “pranks and social experiments,” according to their bio, have made a brilliant video with a Robert Lewandowski lookalike.

The video stars a random dude dressed up in a full Borussia Dortmund kit, who goes around a random city in America pretending to be Robert Lewandowski.

After initially giving a joke team talk to an amateur team in the park, Lewandowski tried his hand at picking up girls.

The experiment was a huge success.

Despite his terrible accent and ridiculous manner of walking around the street in a full Dortmund strip with “Lewandowski” printed on the back, the impostor was able to rope phone numbers from girls on the road. Even two at a time. And even one full blown kiss.

Watch how some dude pretended to be Robert Lewandowski in order to pick up girls below.

source: 101greatgoals

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