Winterburn: It will be fascinating to see what happens to Arsenal after Wenger


Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn is intrigued to see what happens to his former club once manager Arsene Wenger decides to step down from his position.

Wenger has been the subject of massive criticism from fans in recent weeks, but Winterburn points out that the Gunners have been very consistent during his time at the club.

Winterburn said: “I’ve done Q&As with Arsene before and been asked about it. From my point of view, finishing in the top four is an achievement that they should be proud of. But as a player when I was at Arsenal, I was only interested in one thing. That was being No1, winning.

“I wasn’t interested in being second. Finishing second shows that you are consistent but one team has been better than you over the course of a season.

“We’ll never know fully about Arsenal until after Arsene Wenger has left, a new manager comes in and then we’ll see where the club are. That will be fascinating.

“They have been very consistent during his period, they’ve also been successful but I don’t know what the new stadium did for restrictions on spending and budgets.

“If Arsene Wenger stays, I would love to see them spend a significant amount of money on the squad. You’re probably looking at needing to bring in three really strong players.

“There are now six teams that can win the league but I played, if you finished above one, maybe two teams, you were pretty confident that you were going to win the league. It’s definitely more competitive now.”

Source: Tribal football