Real Madrid president Florentino breaks Ronaldo silence: It's all very strange…


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez denies speaking with Cristiano Ronaldo in recent days.

Perez was asked about his star’s situation after being re-elected as president unopposed on Monday.

“I have not spoken with Cristiano. I cannot tell you. Within three days of Cardiff, the Electoral Board convened elections and the deadline to submit candidacies recently ended,” he began.

“And in this period I have tried to be respectful to others and I have not had an active part. I found out about what happened in a newspaper. I have no solution. Cristiano, like the rest, has a contract, they are players of Madrid.

“He is in a very important tournament as is the Confederations Cup and until it is not finished I will not disturb the environment of the Portugal team. I do not know what happened, everything is strange.

“What has happened he will tell us.”

Perez added: “I know Cristiano and he is a good guy, a good professional. All this is very strange. I’ll talk to him and he’ll have to tell me. I’m going to defend him as a person.”

Source: Tribal football