Marseille chief Zubizarreta: Could Messi leave Barcelona for OM?


Olympique Marseille chief Andoni Zubizarreta has spoken of his bitter departure from Barcelona.

Zubi insists he’s learned from his experience as sports director at Barca.

He told La Marseillaise: “We always make mistakes. Sometimes even when you are going to be so careful about certain aspects, you will make mistakes more than others. It’s life.

Barcelona is a club with 100 million subscribers on Facebook, a budget of several hundreds of millions of euros, a spectacular marketing, and consequent television rights. But all this starts from the football field.”

Asked if OM could ever sign Lionel Messi, Zubi added: “If Messi wants to play with us, it would be very good, but we are not in that idea there … We sometimes forget the most important things in football, but even a great club like Barça judges people at the end of those 90 minutes.”

Source: Tribal football