Tottenham Striker Harry Kane Sets Sights on Massive Premier League Milestone in...

Tottenham Striker Harry Kane Sets Sights on Massive Premier League Milestone in 2017/18 Campaign

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

​Tottenham striker Harry Kane wants to hit 100 Premier League goals next season after taking charge of the 2016-17 golden boot race with four strikes at Leicester.

His performance at the King Power on Thursday took Kane to 26 league goals for the season, the best return of his career so far, and the England international says he wants to reach a century of Premier League goals next season, currently sitting on 75 efforts.

“I think I said to someone the other day it would be great if I can get to that 100 club by the end of next season,” Kane said, as quoted by ​talkSPORT.

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

“I am on 75 in the league and if there is another season like this then hopefully I can get to the 100. It would be a fantastic achievement. I think there were three games I did not score in (at the start of the season) and then I went on a good run.

“The biggest thing I’m proud of is that I had two big injuries and was out for 11 weeks so to still be there at the top of the Premier League and to score 30-plus goals (across all competitions) is a big achievement.

“Hopefully next season I can get off in the first game, get a couple of goals and go from there.”


Kane added he is eager to add to his current tally in Spurs’ final match of the season and joked that goalscoring rival Romelu Lukaku, who was top of the charts before Thursday, would not have been happy with the 23-year-old’s antics at Leicester.

Kane said: “I am sure he is not too happy. But there is still one game to go and I’m sure he’s determined to score a hat-trick on Sunday. They have a tough game against Arsenal.

“We have Hull away and I’m looking to get a couple of goals. So there is still all to play for in my eyes but I could not have dreamt of scoring four. It is the first time I’ve scored four goals in my professional career. To do that is amazing.”

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Source: 90min